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The Rules

Leep O' Doom

1) No pacing/pacers in any distances. The only pacing that will be allowed is the back-and -forth type in your hotel room or living room the night before the race.

2) No crewing.

2a) Drop bags will be allowed only at the designated area near the start/finish.

3) No littering (Strictly enforced before, during and after the race) Although there may be trash on the trail, we are on a mission to make Turkey Mountain litter free one day. You will be disqualified regardless of your elite status, organic matter or not, and we suggest wearing clothing that will accommodate your trash. We will make every effort to provide ample garbage cans, however not finding one is not an excuse to litter. We do not want to disqualify anyone. However, we will not hesitate to do so if you are caught! We want to help promote trail running, not the environmental bruises that sometimes occur.

4) Failure to obey the race officials will result in immediate disqualification.

5) Smoking is strictly forbidden in all areas of the YMCA, and on the trail. The area tends to be very dry and we do not want to risk starting a fire. Smoking will be allowed in your vehicle only.



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