2016 Oklahoma Dirt Trail Series

This year, there is a Trail Race Series in Oklahoma. TZ Trail Runs, with contributions from RunnersWorld-Tulsa and TATUR, have created a series of 15 trail races mostly in NE Oklahoma. Someone may very well jump on board and run each and every one. There will be awards for such foolishness. A point system (described below) will be used to form a competition between trail friends and competitors. Racking up the most points earns a trophy so awesome, my outlandish brain has not yet conceived it—but it’ll be awesome. Scroll through the list of races and see how many of these are already in your crosshairs anyway.


Ouachita Switchbacks 50K/25K
Post Oak 50K/25K/10K
Post Oak Marathon/Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon
Three Hour/Six Hour Snake Run
Lake McMurtry (50K/25K/12K)
Osage Hills Trail Run (distances TBA)
Waterloop Marathon/Half Marathon/10K/5K

Port To Fort Adventure Race Swim/Trail Run/Canoe and bike option

LipBuster Challenge (LipBuster repeats for an hour)
Do Wacka Do Trail Run (50M/50K/25K/10K)
Red Dirt Shuffle (Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon)
Pumpkin Holler (100M/100K/50K/25K/ 10K/ and the 135.6 MILE)
Turkey and TATURs (50K/25K/10K)
Half and Half (Trail Half Marathon—the road half does not count)


• 5 points for first event finished

• 5 additional progressive points for each event finished (Finish both Post Oak days, and you get 5 points for the first day, then 10 points for the second day. That’s 15 points just for finishing both. If the Snake Run is your first race = 5 points—but if it’s you 3rd race, you’ll be getting 15 points to add to the 15 you earned for the first two. These points really rack up. If you do enough races, you’ll be top 5 quite possibly. Keep running, and you could end up with 600 points.

• If you skip a race—no biggie. The next race you enter gets 5 additional progressive points.

• Bonus points: In each race, top 10 finishers receive 60 for 1st, 55 for 2nd, 50 for 3rd, 45 for 4th, 40 for 5th, 35 for 6th, 30 for 7th, 25 for 8th, 20 for 9th, and 15 for 10th.
• More Bonus points: Pumpkin Holler 100K finishers receive an additional 10 points. Pumpkin Holler 100 Mile finishers receive 20 additional points.

• More ways to get points: Volunteer for a race for at least half of the duration of the event, and you get 5 points. Volunteer for another, and you’ll get 10 points—and the points keep getting bigger the more races you volunteer for.

• You cannot get participation points AND volunteer points for the same event. But you COULD get points for running day one of 3 Days, volunteering on day two, and running day 3—or any combination on multi-day events.

• Men compete against men. Women compete against women.

• Early Starters who finish are allowed, but do not qualify for top 10 bonus points.

• DNFs do not count as a finish. However, if you are at Pumpkin Holler, and drop down to a shorter distance, you will bet the points provided you finish the shorter distance. You will not be allowed any top 10 bonus points.

• Special awards for ones who finish all the races.

How to Enter: CLICK HERE

• Results will be posted after each event on the OKLAHOMA DIRT TRAIL SERIES FACEBOOK PAGE
• And the best part—the cost. IT’S FREE!

Sign Up Today—and Happy Trailz!