Helpful Links for  Starting Your Race

  1. Price List – Shopping List – Review all prices and services before taking any of the steps below.  Keep in mind that most of the items on the “Shopping List” are NOT mandatory
  2. Tatur Form – Fill out this form to the best of your ability and make updates and changes as the time goes on.
  3. Race Calendar – Submit your race to the free race calendar at
  4. Tatur Race Calendar – Click here to make sure your race is on our calendar and that the info is correct.
  5. Inflatable Start Finish Line Archarch-banner-dimemsions
  6. Sanctioning/Insurance – Purchase your USATF insurance/sanctioning at
  7. Existing Course – If using a certified course, review your course map and turnaround points.
  8. Police Approval If using City of Tulsa streets, contact Chris Witt with the Tulsa Police Dept’s Special Events at 918-527-0025 or to get pointers and approval for your new route.
  9. New Course – If you are needing a new course, contact USATF Course Certifier Martin Updike at 918-577-1956 or to measure your APPROVED course.
  10. Generic Entry Form – Editable – Use this crude but editable format to design an entry-form-sample for your race
  11. Shirt Size Percentages – These percentages should be tweaked to fit your expected race demographics Shirt-Size-Percents
  12. Standard Age Groups  – These are the recommended standard-age-groups
  13. Facebook – Use our Tatur Races Facebook page to post updates and enticements to the runners.
  14. Cotton Shirt Ordering – Call Abby Shadel at 1-563-387-8171 or Tell her you are ordering with Tatur Racing to guarantee the $4.95 for white shirts and $5.95 for colored shirts
  15. USAT Triathlon One Day Membership Form – USAT-1-DAY-FORM