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Course Information

More info than you probably want to know.

Entrants will start in the upper (old) parking lot, 0.6 miles west of the corner of 71st & Elwood, and head northwest for about a half mile where they will make a hairpin turn (mile 0.4) southeast. After the runners hit the 0.5 mile marker they will come to a small creek and a very gentle rise. 0.6 miles into the circuit the entrants come to a "T" in the trail and make a sharp left onto a Jeep road.

From there they will start a figure "9". Runners will head north crossing a small clearing where the power lines run east to west (Mile 0.75), pass their first aid station which will be on the left and 0.8 miles into the course. After fueling up, they will continue northwest till they get to the top-left of the "9". Runners will then turn south until they see what the locals call "Rock City" off to their right (mile 1.5). Rock City is boulder field that has some beautiful moss formations at this time of year. After Rock City the Snake runners will come to an old abandoned washing machine at Mile 1.8.

From there runners will will head eastward until they see an abandoned oil pump to their left at mile 1.95. Six Hour Runners should be able to hear the sounds of the Two Mile Aid Station now and cruise on in to get their lap counted by a volunteer. This is also the turnaround spot. Runners will backtrack and follow the same course back to the aid station (which will be on the right this time at mile 3.2) From there the runners will have 0.8 miles back to the Start/Finish line.

Aid Stations

The way that the course is set-up you will hit the on course aid station three times per circuit. Here are the mileages that you will receive aid.

Start/Finish A/S Mile 0.0
Aid Station (on your left) Mile 0.8
Aid Station (in front of you) Mile 2.0
Aid Station (On your right) 3.2
Start/Finish A/S Mile 4.0

1.2 miles is the furthest that you will have to run between aid stations. Therefore you do not have to carry a water bottle unless it is unseasonably warm.

TATUR Aid stations are required to have two items on hand at all TATUR races, the first is beer, and the second is TATURs. (Boiled Potato's that can be dipped in salt). Other items you will see at the aid station is Gatorade, water, chips pretzels, sweets etc. We will not have GU anywhere on the course.

The trail in 2008 was dotted with small icy puddles which quickly melted as the sun popped out over the trees. The ice soon became water and the water mixed with the dirt and mud was created. Lesson is, do not wear your brand new shiny white running shoes. Trail shoes are totally optional.

The trail in 2010 and 2012 was covered in knee high mud and the area received over two inched of snow and rain before the 2012 event. Come prepared  !



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