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In 2011 the Mud Run attracted over 2,000 entrants and 6,000 spectators. Facebook had more pictures of the contestants than almost any other running event in Oklahoma, including the major marathons !

It is estimated that 75% of those spectators were taking pictures or shooting video of their friends, co-workers, and family members. Three of the four major local television stations were at the event filming the action. Several area newspapers had reporters at the race and dozens of You Tube videos permeated the internet. The exposure opportunities for this race are tremendous.

Mud Run organizers are expecting a huge crowd in 2012. More obstacles, and entertainment are being thrown into the mix. Kids five years and over will be allowed to participate. We have a huge area with ample parking, and the sky is the limit for 2012.

We hope that your company considers sponsoring the 2012 TATUR Mud Run.

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Rent a Tent Spot !

Premium 10'x10' tent locations that offer the best view of the action are being offered for $250 a piece. Bring your company banner, a pop-up tent, some lawn chairs, and your samples or flyers and enjoy the spectacle of seeing the crazy mud runners. Tent locations are given out on a first come first serve basis.

2010 Tent Form (PDF 350KB)    (Form can be faxed to RunnersWorld Tulsa at 918-749-7564. Remit payment to: TATUR 4329 S. Peoria Tulsa OK, 74105)

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