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10 Commandments

  1. Have Fun
  2. No spikes
  3. Shoes are mandatory for all races
  4. No flip-flops, sandals, high heels. All shoes must lace up securely as the mud can suck them off
  5. Entrants may not go through obstacle more than once per loop
  6. Drunkenness, obnoxious behavior, fighting, or any other behavior will be dealt with quickly and severely.
  7. All entrants must participate ONLY in the race that they signed up for. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in expulsion from the park.
  8. Earrings, necklaces, jewelry or any other sharp objects are greatly discouraged.
  9. All participants MUST have their race number pinned to the front of their clothing with four safety pins.
  10. Race number must be visible at all times and the tear tag must remain in place at the bottom of the bib


Where is parking for the event?
$5 fee per vehicle is availible at the Green Country Events center which is directly across the street from the Mud Bowl. Cash is the ONLY form of payment accepted. No checks credit cards or debit cards will be accepted. There is limited free parking in the surrounding neighborhoods that are within walking distance of the Mud Bowl, however we ask that you be careful not to block any driveways and respect the property owners.

What type of clothing do you recommend?
We advise all participants to dress in costume. If you are not dressing in costume we recommend that you avoid loose or flowing clothing that may be stepped on or may snag on an obstacle.

Remember that the more clothing you wear, the heavier and hotter it will become as the mud collects on it and the temperature rises.

Please remember to empty your pockets of wallets, cell phones and anything that may get lost in the pits as well as injure another runner.

Do I have to stay with my teammates during the run?
Mud runners in the competitive races do not need to run together, runners in the untimed and kids race are encouraged to stay together and cross the finish line as a team, however it is not mandatory.

How do I keep my shoes from getting sucked off of my feet by the mud?
We estimate that 50-75 shoes are forever buried in the 2010 mud pits. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to lace your shoes tightly and/or wrap duct tape around the tops of your shoes and ankles

Is the mud dirty?
Well...the answer to that question is yes and no. Yes, all mud is dirty, however this dirty mud will be fresh, soft, premium soil that is brought in just for the Mud Run. Dozens of hours will be spent getting the mud to the right consistency and wetenss to ensure that you will not have a clean spot left on your body when you get through. It will not have chemicals, bugs, rocks, or other foul debris that is often associated with mud.

Should I bring a change of clothes?
Well of course !! We will have semi-private changing tents available to get out of those wet muddy clothes. Plastic trash bags come in handy to toss your muddy clothes in.

Will there be an area to rinse off at?
We will have firemen available with hoses to spray you down. We may also have some garden hose on site to rinse off at.

Will I be able to go over/through all of the obstacles?
It is our goal to ensure that none of the obstacles require a high level of strength or agility to complete. If you feel you may not be able to navigate through an obstacle you will need to enter one of the non-competitive heats and may simply go around the obstacle.

Is there anything special that I should bring?
Cameras, video recorders are a must for this race. Folding chairs and blankets will make your stay at the Mud Run more enjoyable. Sunscreen and shade umbrellas may come in handy since there is very little shade at the Mud Bowl. The gear check area is located inside your locked vehicle !

Can I bring food or drinks with me?
Yes. While we hope that you will visit our food and drink vendors, we want you to stay hydrated and well fed. Wine and beer must be in boxes or cans. Glass bottles will not be allowed.

Can I bring a tent to the Mud Run?
You may bring a pop up tent or small canopy as long as it is under 400 sq. ft.  Tent cannot have any advertisements on it unless you are a Sand level sponsor ($250 and up) or higher, you can.

How do I register for the Mud Run?
All participants can register online or at RunnersWorld Tulsa at 4349 S. Peoria Tulsa OK, 74105.

When is the latest I can register for Mud Run?
You can register up till 1/2 hour before your scheduled race. Last day to register at RunnersWorld Tulsa is Friday July 27 at 5:00 pm.

Where do I pickup my packet?
Packet Pickup will be at Embassy Suites Tulsa on friday July 27th from 10am - 7pm or at the race beginning at 10am till 30 minutes before your scheduled heat.

Can you mail my packet to me?
No. All packets must be picked up at the race.

Can a friend pickup my packet for me?
Yes this is done on an honor system.

Can a friend or a family member run with me if they did not enter the race?
No. This is called banditing a race and could get you disqualified and/or asked to leave the park. Bandits cause many problems with the course control, timing and puts undo pressure on the volunteers.

What if I cannot make it to the race? Can I get a refund?
We are sorry but we do not give refunds. Participants unable to participate may pick up their runner packet. Or they may have someone else pick up their packet for them.

What is the age limit for the races?
Children under the age of five are prohibited from participating due to safety concerns. Parents may not carry/accompany any child under the age of five. Parents may enter the kids run only if you feel your child cannot safely complete the course on his/her own.

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times other than during the race itself. We recommend that all parents plan a meeting place with their child in case they become separated.

I don't know what size shirt I should get for my child.
The Mud Run is ordering youth shirts sizes s-xl. Here is how they run by size, S - Sizes 6-8, M - Sizes 10-12, L - Sizes 14-16, XL - Sizes 18-20.

Do I need a timing chip?  
Only if you are doing one of the competietive timed heats.

The TATUR TOTS Kids RUN and the uncompetitive heat times are not recorded although there will be a timing clock at the finish line.

What happens if I leave my race number at home?
All participants in all races must have a race number. If you forget or lose your race number, you must go to the race registration tables to get a new number issued.

Where do I wear my race number?
Your race number must be visible on the FRONT of your body. If you think you may shed your shirt during the race, we recommend that you safety pin your number to the front of your shorts/sweats/tights/costume.

Will sports drink be available at the hydration stations?
No. There will not be a water stop on the course.

Will Energy Gel be provided on the course?
No. You must bring your own.

What is the course time limit?
The time limit for all heats is thirty minutes. Walkers are welcome.

Are strollers/or dogs allowed in the races?
Strollers, pets, bikes roller blades are strictly forbidden in all the races. Leashed dogs and strollers are allowed in the Mud Bowl area.

What type of costumes are allowed?
Any costume that will allow you and the entrants around you to run safely is permitted. Many children attend this event so costumes should be PG or better.

How do I find other fun and different types of races?
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Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

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