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Kellyville Facts and Info

bristow to kellyville, ok

leg distance
15.20 miles
total distance
85.30 miles
aid station

1st aid station is at the entrance to the second section of old hwy 66 (8.0 miles)
2nd aid station is just past the citgo in the parking lot next to simple simon's

road shoulder
the old highway 66 in this segment has no shoulder and is rough to drive. it is also not lighted and there are liable to be loose dogs. the parts on the new highway 66 and highway 48 have paved shoulders.
start: 831, end: 800

the first section of old highway 66 beyond bristow begins 1.3 miles past the aid station after crossing under i-44. turn right at the first entrance to the cemetery. traverse north 1.8 miles to where old highway 66 intersects new highway 66. cross directly over the highway and go another 0.3 miles to the intersection of highway 48. travel north on highway 48 for 1.1 miles until you reach red and sharon’s bbq on the east side of the road. there is also a large gravel parking lot there. the road sign reads 181st street. take 181st street (old highway 66) 1.2 miles to where it intersects back with the new highway 66. go east on new highway 66 for 2.3 miles to the first aid station.

travel past the first aid station 1.65 miles north and east on the second section of old highway 66 beyond bristow until it intersects with the new highway 66. after you emerge back onto the new highway 66 go east for 5.55 miles until you reach the aid station in kellyville.

Kellyville Map

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oklahoma’s worst train disaster took place just west of here on september 28th, 1917, when two frisco trains collided. twenty-three people were killed and eighty were injured. in the early 1970’s, there were plans to build a ski resort here, (the states first) using artificial snow, but the idea was short lived. just another eight miles down the old road you will come to the small town of kellyville, population less than 1,000. the town first got its start in 1892 when a man named jim kelly leased a location from the indian agency in muskogee and established a trading post southeast of bakers junction. the next year, kelly made a deal with the st. louis-san francisco railroad to move the trading post and settlement near the railroad track east of bakers junction. in return they would name the town after him. before long, kelly built a large single story wood frame building 3/4 of a mile north of his present location and moved his goods by wagon to the new building. his trading post thrived serving the indians and white farmers of the area. before long huber hughes established a bank in a stone building across the street from the trading post, the railroad built a depot, and a cotton gin was constructed west of the railroad. the post office was established on november 27, 1893. homes and others businesses soon followed and kellyville was born. kellyville originally had its economic base in agriculture and was later supplemented by shallow oil wells in the area. on the east side of kellyville are the remains of an old rock motel. in the center of town, be sure to check out the old cotton gin that now houses a friendly diner where you can grab breakfast or lunch. as you roll along the road onwards to bristow and depew watch to the northwest side of the road for glimpses of old route 66. some bits and pieces are drivable through here, but others make sudden stops where road closed signs block the way of travel at places where old bridges are long gone or the road has been rendered over to mother nature